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Having a lunch with colleagues, special occasion? Want to give a thank you gift? Ferli gelato will make it really memorable! To go thermal containers available at pint and quart sizes.
Bring some fun to your party!

Ferli is an authentic Italian Gelateria offering the most delicious homemade gelato and sorbet - Italian-styled ice cream, traditional coffee and baked goods to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Gelato and sorbets, smoothies and shakes, coffee and pastry, panini and salads, Ferli has something for everyone. Strait from Italy everything you taste will offer something different.

At Ferli all gelato and sorbet are made from scratch on the site every day fresh using only the finest and the highest quality ingredients with no preservatives added. That's why its all gluten, cholesterol and artificial free.

Ferli Gelateria carries traditional as well as unique flavors like “Vanilla”, “Chocolate”, “Strawberry”, “Pistachios”, “Ferrero Roche”, “Macademia Nuts”, “Watermelon”, “Riccota Cinnamon”, “Ferli Cherry”, “Real Creamy Peanut Butter”, “Zabajone”, “Banana Passion Fruits”, etc. that are all taste the way true Italian ice cream should.

Dairy free low calories sorbets and sugar free gelato options are also available for vegan and dietary restricted ice cream lovers.

Designed in style of traditional Italian boutique Ferli atmosphere will take you back to Italy on the spot.

"thermal container "to go" pint size for $9
or quart for $22"